You can make your own app.

And you can do it yourself - without code, without thousands of dollars.


Thanks to the internet, people can get the resources they need to make their own app, from design to code to marketing chops, without having to spend thousands on hiring agencies or developers to do the work for them. All it takes is knowing where to find the right resources.


Just click on what you need help with, and get started.

What do you need help with?

Sketching out your app idea, refining your app idea, graphic design, and everything to do with designing an app.

Picking a technology and coding your app, hiring developers to make your app, or using an app development service - anything to do with getting your app made.

Building a website, making a launch plan, building a community, and anything else you need to market your app.

The latest from the Idea to App Blog

4 Sketch Tips to Keep In Mind

The number one thing this website offers is free, printable iPhone sketch paper. We live in a world with an iPad that’s a sketchbook, where Wacom tablets are the number one choice for designers, where the Surface Studio just came out, and yet there are still...

5 Creative Ways to Market Your App

Marketing is something that seems simple, because we’re exposed to it every day. Companies take out ads and pay money to put messages right in front of us. So if we want to market something we’re selling, obviously we just need to pay to get our message in...

Small Changes That Can Make Your App Go Viral

Having an app go viral is the dream. Once we all start making our own apps, we go to bed at night staring at the ceiling and dreaming about what it would be like if we woke up tomorrow with a viral app, $10,000 richer. I’ve spent plenty of my own nights falling...

Why You Should Hand-Draw Apps, First

You need to hand-draw your app if you want it to turn out well. I know, you’re not an artist, but hear me out. It seems like early on in life, everyone decides whether or not they have artistic talent. Everyone starts to doodle as a child, and some...

I Will Never Keep an App Idea Private

As an app developer, I get a lot of people emailing me about working on their app idea. And about 50% of them say something along the lines of, “but don’t share this with anyone,” or “you need to sign an NDA before talking about our app...