A complete guide on how to make your own apps.

Idea to App explains exactly how to make your own app, start to finish. Designing, building, and marketing, all in one place.

Over 100 pages of detailed content on every aspect of making an app. What designs you should chose, should you learn code or hire someone, and how to market, and dozens of other questions answered.

This is a gold mine for anyone craving to learn how to convert an app into a booming business and must-have for its consumers.

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Jake Larkin

Project Lead, DesignLi

What you will learn with this ebook


App Design Essentials

Easy design principles that every app must follow in order to look impressive, wow, and be easy to use.


Business Model Development

How to make a sustainable business out of app development. In other words, how to make money while making apps.

Getting Your App Made

There are many ways to make an app. This ebook will take you through each of the different methods, their pros and cons, and will help you select the one that is best for you.

The Marketing Basics

Simple, inexpensive things you can do to dramatically boost your app sales.

Picking A Team

Picking the wrong people can ruin your app. This ebook will take you through how to select a great team of people, the first time.

Everything Else

When you make an app you also need a website, a support email, and supporting infrastructure. This ebook will take you through how to create these without wasting time or money.

Table of Contents

Idea to App is broken into three basic sections:


Refining Your Idea
Idea Validation
Business Models
Fair Pricing
Planning Your Product
User Experience Design
Design Personality


Funding Sources
Choosing a Development Method
Hiring Developers
Code Add-Ons


Pre-Launch Marketing
App Store Listing
Mailing List
Social Media
Online Community
App Video
The Press
Advertising Space
Discounts & Promotions

Frequently Asked Questions

What formats are available?

The Gumroad package includes the cover image, a .epub file, a .pdf file, and a receipt. More formats can be created on request.

Do you have a paperback edition available?

There used to be a physical edition of the book for sale, but not anymore. If you’re really interested in the physical version, reach out and we can work something out.

How long is the book?

There are 197 pages in the .pdf file. As a paperback textbook, this would be about half an inch thick, eight inches tall and six inches wide - no 30 page eBook.

Do you offer returns?

Of course - there is a money back guarantee. You want your money back, I’ll give it to you, and all I’ll do is ask for feedback. If you dislike my book so much you want a return, I shouldn’t be taking your money anyway.

Idea to App was a phenomenal read… My favorite section was the section regarding how to gain traction and promote your idea. Holstein created a great list of examples and information that has helped me build a stronger marketing plan.

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Nate Grose

CEO, Dabble News

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About the Author

Megan E Holstein

Megan E Holstein

Megan Holstein is a tech entrepreneur and fiction and nonfiction author. Her youngest brother has severe autism. This led her to start a business at fifteen making apps for autistic children called Pufferfish Software. It went on to be a successful medical app company, serving tens of thousands of autistic patients.

She and her work with Pufferfish have been featured in Inc. Magazine and Business First. She has won the Global High School Entrepreneur award from the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) and the Woman to Watch award from the YWCA.