About Idea to App

Idea to App is a website that educates people on how to make apps cheaply and efficiently, and sells products that help you do that. But that isn’t the entire story.

This website was founded because the world is changing. The internet is reaching every corner of the globe, bringing opportunities and education to people who have never had it before. What were once elite, upper-class pursuits are increasingly accessible.

One of these pursuits is app development. The resources to learn to code an app are available online for free, and if you don’t want to code, affordable quality labor is easy to find. Apps are products that you can sell entirely online, from anywhere in the world.

All that stands between anyone and changing their life is a few lines of code.

The internet has changed the world by making education and skilled labor jobs available to anyone.

People can connect to each other from across the globe, meaning 5 people can band together to make an app from 5 different continents.

Freeing up people to connect from anywhere allows us to come up with new, greater solutions to problems then we’ve ever had before.